Throughout the 21st century, we’ve seen countless household products go from good to great—tools got updated, gadgets got smarter, beer got craftier. So if these products were enhanced, why haven’t their carrying cases? COOLBOX™ is the long-overdue reinvention of important storage boxes: the cooler and the toolbox


COOLBOX™ was first developed in 2014 and joined Indiegogo the following year to crowdfund the Toolbox. By 2016, our first product had a booming launch—we achieved $300K, well over our funding goal, while also appearing on the entrepreneurial show, Shark Tank. In 2019, our second product, the COOLBOX™ Cooler, joined Kickstarter and was successfully funded with over $55,000. Since then, we’ve prototyped, tested and crafted the perfect products to ensure our users have the best, ready-for-anything experiences.


Whether you’re looking for a cooler or a toolbox, COOLBOX™ has you covered with the ultimate storage container. It can be easy to run out the door without all the necessary tools or party favors, making or breaking any project or celebration. With COOLBOX™, the all-in-one rolling utility box, never forget a speaker, bottle opener or charger again. All of these items and more are already built into COOLBOX™, so you can spend less time forgetting and more time enjoying.


Most toolboxes only do one thing: keep your tools organized. And most coolers only do one thing: keep your drinks cold. Now, these storage chests are used as the centerpiece for a good time—whether you’re at the beach, in your garage, tailgating, at a construction site, at a backyard BBQ, DIYing, at an outdoor concert, fixing your car, golfing, working on plumbing or watching your kids play sports. COOLBOX™ provides high-tech entertainment centers, the Smart Toolbox and the Entertainment Cooler, with all the integrated accessories and FUNctionality you’ll need to make work more productive and recreation more pleasurable.